Hanul Art Online Tutoring Service (HOTS)

Hanul Art Online Turtoring Service (HOTS) is

E-mail to Hanul Art School for registration!

developed for purpose of students and parents who wishes to attend our classes at home due to recent Corona 19 virus outbreak.
HOTS provides Art, Math, Writing, and coding class.
The students need to install the Hangout App on the phone, tablet or PC.
Each student should have their own google account for best results.

Who can participate HOTS :

Hanul Art will be offering 2 ways of participating in class.
For students who still wishes to attend our regular classes can still come to their regular classes,
For students who wishes to participate at home, parents will have to pick up class materials from our office and participate at home. However, if there is any order from government that we need to close, all our classes may run using HOTS

1) Art

Little Artist and CreArt Program Kids will be getting our art kit every class and our instructor will be giving instructions to finish the art class with the kit.
For Bridge and Fine Art, will get a workbook and art materials.
They will be given a topic and a theme so they can do brainstorming, idea developing, story-telling, idea sketch in the workbook and will be finishing a piece on their own with instructor’s guide.

2) Math, Writing, Coding

We will also offer HOTS in Coding, Math and Writing classes. However, homework check will be very important part, so we ask parents support in checking their works.

What need for HOTS system?

Students will needed ;

  1. Google Account.
  2. A computer, tablet, or phone with a camera and microphone. Learn how to use your camera and microphone      before you start your class.
  3. A stand for tablet or phone (Hanul Art provides).
  4. An internet or data connection with quiet place or room

Parents will needed following Steps


       Email to for register the HOTS system.
       Please provide students name, a google email address for Accessing the Hangout app

   Step 2
      Come to the office and pick up the class package and confirm the schedule.
      If you bring the device, we can install the app for you.  This is the best

      Check for details about installation for Google Hang out app.

   Step 3
      When you are at home and before the class starts, check the package and
prepare the device stand for HOTS(the stand inclueded in the package).

   Step 4
    10 minute before the start the class, please turn on the Hangout App and wait for invitation or video calling from the instructor.      
When the student receive an invitation or video calling from our instructor.      
Click the answer the call and start the class!

* We recommend to have watercolor paint and brush ready for the art class.

  If you have it at home already, you can use them. If you don’t have it, please buy any watercolor paint.

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