Register, Fees and make-up class

1. New student must pay one time registration fee at the time of registration

2. Registration fee and deposit (first month fee) can be paid in form of cash, debit, credit or cheques but, parents/ guardians must bring a void cheque to set up a pre-authorized debit.

3. Month to month payment will be accepted in a form of direct deposit only. We do not accept any other forms of month to month payment.

4. Credit card payment can be only done for payment over $300. If you want to set up with credit card (under $300) there will be 3% interest.

5. If student wish to discontinue, at least 15 days notice is required in order for us to stop the payment from next month and on.

6. Parents may give absent notice through our E-Mail( before the class start.

    What to leave on the notice: 1) Class name, Day / 2) Student name / 3) Date of absence
    *The absent notice must be given few hours before the class in order to be able to book a make up class.
    *No make up class will be given for unexcused absences.

7. Students who miss a lesson are welcome to attend another class of the same level on a different day as a make-up. Date and time of the make up class must be discussed before coming in.

8. If the payment happens to bounce, there will be NSF FEE $25.

9. For Families who have multiple children enrolled, a discount for tuition fee will be applied. The first child will pay the full amount and each additional child will receive $10 discount in a month. (except. Baby Artist and Story Art)   Also, students who take multiple classes, a discount for tuition fee will be applied.     But discounts cannot be applied double on one family. Only one discount will be applied per family.

10. In any circumstances a student is absent more than 4 weeks, 
    If you wish to hold off on payment, but still wish to keep their spot in class, a spot hold fee would be applied.
    Fee will be 50% of the monthly payment and they would get 2 make up classes. Other than this, holding a spot in class for more than a month absent is not possible.
    Students would be able to re-register if the same spot is available when they are back, or they would have to register on the day where it’s available at the time . (No registration fee)
    *If you wish not to stop the payment while absent, all absent classes can be credited as a make-up class.


1.            Student may register into all programs at anytime depending on class capacity  (max. 8 students)

   except for Baby Artist and Summer Programs

2.            (Little Artist, CreArt and Bridge Art ) programs is filled with 40 different subjects. (1 year long program) 

   Students may continue to take 1 year long if they wish to, but the minimum length of the program would be 3 months.

3.            For Fine Arts Class, the class is run to each student’s own schedule and projects.

   Minimum length of the program would be 3 months.

4.            We do not provide private lessons, and new class can be only made with minimum of 3 or more students.

   When new class is made,  time arrangement is negotiable.

5.            All materials are covered with material fees except for canvases; canvas fees will be posted.

   You may purchase separately or bring the ones you already have.

6.            Due to use of paint, student’s clothes may get damaged or dirty, so working clothes or apron is needed.

   We do not take any responsibility for the damaged clothes during class.

7.            Classes are usually back to back, so please be ready to pick up students at right time.


1.            “Exhibition”  will be held once a year in June.

     All students should exhibit their own art work. (Frame or canvas fees will be posted)

Discontinuation of Lessons

1.            If student wish to discontinue, at least 15 days notice is required in order for us to stop the payment

   from next month and on.

   If not, one more month of payment will be charged.

   However, student must register for the minimum of 3 month long class.


1.            No touching art supplies that are not given or other students’ art work.

2.            For students in Baby Artist and Little Artist, indoor shoes are must. Other classes are recommended.

However every student must wear socks.

3. For younger students; parents must bring students inside the building.

4. If a student is dropped off by parents or guardians, we ask that they come in to the Art school to pick them up.

   We do not want students to leave the building alone.

5. The classroom is not open 5 min prior to start, please bring students and and pick them up at right time.

Please do not leave students alone before door opens. Instructors are not responsible for students outside their class time.