Pro Creative Coders Gr7 – Gr10



Date & Class Duration

July 22-26 / 1:00-4:00



Age: Gr.7 – Gr.10 (2023-24 school year )
4 student max.

Looking for a summer class that teaches Python AI coding to students in 7th to 9th grade? Look no further!

In this exciting class, students will learn how to program with Python and how to apply AI techniques to solve problems. They will learn the basics of Python syntax, programming constructs, and data structures, and how to use them to build intelligent applications.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through various coding challenges, and teach them how to implement AI algorithms, such as machine learning and deep learning, to develop intelligent systems.

By the end of the class, students will have built their own intelligent applications, such as chatbots or image recognition systems, and have a solid understanding of how to apply AI to real-world problems.

This class is perfect for students who want to learn how to code and explore the exciting field of AI. It’s a great way to build their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity while having fun and making new friends.

Join us for a summer of learning, exploring, and creating with Python AI coding!



Additional information

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