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Fine Art

Fine Art

Fine Art 1 (10-11yrs)
■Time and Term : 1:30 hour / September 2014 – June2015
■ Fee : Month payment : $120 (4 classes), Material Fee $20
Registration Fee : $20.00.

Fine Art 2 (12-16yrs)
■Time and Term : 2 hour / September 2014 – June2015
■ Fee : Month payment: $140 (4 classes), Material Fee $10
Registration Fee $20.00



CreArt (6-7yrs)
“ Developing creativity by cooperating basic art theories and viewing masterpieces”
Art class for developing concentration, and observation skills
■ Time and Term : 1 hour / September 2015 – June2016
■ Fee : Tuition Fee: $100 (4 classes) / 1 month, Material Fee $20 / 1 month
Registration Fee : $40.00. (includes bag, Crayon, workbook)

Little Artist (4-5rs)

Little Artist (4-5rs)

Little Artist (4-5rs)


“Art class for developing brain through integrated subjects”
Comprehensive art program that includes math, science and language taught through art activity and play
■ Time and Term : 45 min / September 2015 – June2016
■ Fee : Tuition Fee : $80 (4 classes) / 1 month, Material Fee $20 / 1 month
Registration Fee : $40.00. (includes bag, Crayon, workbook)

About Hanul art school

About Hanul art school

Hanul art school

is an educational playground where has no limits to art works and even extends beyond to improve learning ability.Also, our schoolis exciting playground where all children can develop and release their infinite potential.

We have submitted art exhibition on public area and midea web page.
Please check about it!!

City of Edmonton Events Calendar

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Kids

CTV Edmonton

Globalnews Edmonton

Edmonton public library (Down town, West side, South side)

2nd Free Art Exhibition with Great Little Artists 2015



“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

Every child is an excellent artist and their work holds special quality. We wish to present our artists’ talent to the large public at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.Great Chance for children to learn about Gallery Etiquette.

  • Fun Mini Events. (craft table)
  • About 100 pieces of artwork will be on display by children between 3 years old to Grade 12.
  • Elections, Exhibits, Free / Budget, Performing Arts / Culture
  • Addmision is Free



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